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Zhongshan TIG780 thermal grease production plant thermal des

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Zhongshan TIG780 thermal grease production plant thermal design power LED lighting products: Currently, LED luminous efficiency can make about 30% of the energy into light, the remaining 70% of the energy converted into heat almost all the LED's temperature. Because of its low power LED heat is very small, basic thermal grease cooling measures can be taken to be well applied, such as instrument lights, lights, small-size LCD screen backlight. But for high-power LED, when used in commercial buildings, roads, tunnels, mining and other lighting field, its heat is a big problem. If the LED chip, heat can not spread it out, will accelerate the aging of the chip, the light fades, color shift, shortening LED life. Therefore, the high-power LED lighting system structure model and thermal management design is very important.
Now the market all power LED lighting fixtures are made of "Chip an aluminum plate a radiator three-tier structure", that is the first chip is packaged in a thermally conductive potting aluminum substrate to form LED light source module, and then placed in the light source module radiator manufactured into high-power LED lighting.
It should be noted that the current high-power LED thermal management system is still in use LED lights and indicator lights early for the way, is a small power LED thermal management. A "chip one aluminum plate a heat sink thermal interface material layer structure model" prepared by high-power LED lighting, the system structure where there is obviously unreasonable, such as multi-contact thermal resistance between the structure, the junction temperature is high, low thermal efficiency Therefore, the chip heat released can not effectively export and shed, resulting in low light efficiency LED lighting, light failure, short life, can not meet the lighting needs.
How to improve thethermal silica encapsulated high power LED stage cooling capacity is one of key technologies to be solved. LED lighting product development direction and focus on: high power, low thermal resistance, higher light, low light decay, small size, light weight, thus making the LED heat dissipation efficiency increasingly demanding.
However, due to the structure, cost and power consumption, and many other factors, high power LED lighting is difficult to use active cooling mechanism, but only the use of passive cooling mechanism, but with a larger passive cooling limitations; And the LED energy conversion efficiency than low, is still about 70% is converted to heat, light efficiency even further increased by 1 still has 40% of the energy is converted into heat. In other words, it is difficult to raise without considering the degree of heat, so in the long run, high-power LED lighting heat problem will be a long-term problem.
Used in high-power LED lighting now ripe for the development of efficient natural cooling thermal management system, high-power LED lighting has become a prerequisite for realizing industrialization and the key factors. Therefore, the need for new TIF100 thermal insulation sheet technical route and system architecture to solve the high-power LED lighting heat.

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