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LED exhibition: artificial intelligence becomes a key projec

Date:2018-07-20 11:24 From:http://www.ziitek.com/en/ Writer:Heat conducting mate Hits:

 With the development of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, the LED industry will also undergo changes. The definition of lighting is far from simple. The Internet of things technology brings lighting to many industries and integrates it into them. Lighting technology can be a tool for many industries.


Any advancing technology needs to develop the stage, digital technology has brought a new lighting era. In this phase the 23 guangzhou international lighting fair show, dongguan trillion families and thermal conductive materials plant used by showing various thermal interface materials, will design in the digital sensors and cameras, chip heat dissipation area, designers and artists can real time that the light of different material, environment and behavior in real time effect, in order to create different atmosphere in a single environment, display the role of a variety of identity and many story.
Meanwhile, the lighting industry is learning to keep up with other electronic products, developing new products and functions simultaneously. Among them, there are also many foreign customers who come to the booth of zhaokeke thermal conductive material to consult the thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductive double-sided adhesive, thermal conductive silicone sheet and other products, understand the operation application and characteristic requirements of these products, and reduce the service life and optical fading of LED lighting products. In the exhibition, we saw that the combination of intelligent control of lighting, the use of laser projection technology to deduce the lighting show and the new experience around smart home and smart lighting, countless.
The future development of smart cities is entering a new stage, especially with the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, which has brought many changes to the lighting industry. In this exhibition, smart street lamp has become an important new force of "reform", which is a new opportunity for the application of products and industrial development in the lighting field in the future. Of course, since it is an intelligent electronic product, the heat dissipation design of its main functional component chip is indispensable. In the future, zhaoko heat conduction materials will also continue to expand the application of this artificial intelligence product.


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