TIC Phase change materials

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  • Name:TIC™800G Phase change materials
  • Model:TIC800G Phase change materials
  • Brand:ZIITEK
  • Date:2010-10-27 08:57
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     The TIC™800G Series is low melting point thermal interface material. At 50℃, The TIC™800G Series begins to soften and flow, filling the microscopic irregularities of both the thermal solution and the integrated circuit package surface, thereby reducing thermal resistance.The TIC™800G Series is a flexible solid at room temperature and freestanding without reinforcing components that reduce thermal performance. 
     The TIC™800G Series
shows no thermal performance degradation after 1,000
hours@130℃,or after 500 cycles, from -25℃ to 125℃.The material softens and does not fully change state resulting in minimal migration (pump out)at operating temperatures.
》0.014℃-in² /W thermal resistance
》Naturally tacky at room temperature, no adhesive required            
》No heat sink preheating required
》High Frequency Microprocessors
》Notebook and Desktop PCs
》Computer Serves
》Memory Modules
》Cache Chips