TIF Thermal Gap Fille

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  • Name:TIF™100 Series
  • Model:100 Series
  • Brand:ZIITEK
  • Date:2010-10-27 09:30
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     The TIF™100 Series thermally conductive interface materials are applied to fill the air gaps between the heating elements and the heat dissipation fins or the metal base. Their flexibility and elasticity make them suited to the coating of the very uneven surfaces. Heat can transmit to the metal housing or dissipation plate from the separate elements or even the entire PCB, which in effect enhances the efficiency and life-time of the heat-generating electronic components.
》Good thermal conductive: 1.5 W/mK
》Naturally tacky needing no further adhesive coating
》Soft and Compressible for low stress applications
》Available in varies thickness
》Cooling components to the chassis of frame 
》High speed mass storage drives
》Heat Sinking Housing at LED-lit BLU in LCD
》LED TV and LED-lit lamps
》RDRAM memory modules
》Micro heat pipe thermal solutions
》Automotive engine control units
》Telecommunication hardware
》Handheld portable electronics
》Semiconductor automated test equipment (ATE)