TIG780 Thermal Grease

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  • Name:TIG™780-18 Series
  • Model:780-18 Series
  • Brand:ZIITEK
  • Date:2010-10-27 09:35
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      The TIG™780-18 products are the high-efficiency heat dissipation ones for the fillings between the electronic components and the heat dissipation fins. They serve to moisten the contact surface sufficiently so as to form an interface of extremely low thermal impedance. Consequently, the heat dissipation efficiency is far superior to that offered by others.
0.05 ℃-in² /W thermal resistance
》One component paste like interface material, never dry
》Thermal compound formulated to maximize the heat transfer
》Outstanding electrical insulation properties and will not harden on long exposure to elevated temperatures
》Non-toxic and environmentally safe
》Semiconductor cases and heat sinks
》Power resistors and chassis, thermostats and mating surfaces, and thermoelectric cooling devices
》CPU's and GPU's
》Automatic dispensing and screen-printing