TCP Thermal plastic

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  • Name:TCP™100-01PP Thermally Conductive Plastic
  • Model:TCP100-01PP
  • Brand:ZIITEK
  • Date:2019-05-20 09:55
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TCP™100-01PP is a Thermally Conductive Engineering Plastic developed for the housing design which requires high thermally conductivity and reduces the weight more than 30% comparing with the same aluminium devices.

TCP™100-01PP can be used in applications such as Heat Sinking Housing at LED-lit BLU in LCD/LED TV and LED-lit lamps such as MR16. Also it can replace the normal Aluminum heat sink.
》Good thermal conductivity: 1.0W/mK 
》Excellent thermal conductivity compared to normal engineering plastics 
》Lighter than normal Aluminum housing 30% in weight
》Excellent mould ability in injection moulding
》Much higher production yield than normal Aluminum Die Casting
》Excellent flexibility in designing final products such as housings.
》UL94 V-0.