TIS580 Thermal Silicone Adhesi

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  • Name:TIS580-13 Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive
  • Model:TIS580-13
  • Brand:Ziitek
  • Date:2012-09-27 17:21
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TIS™580-13 Series is dealcoholized, 1 component, room temperature cure thermally conductive silicone adhesive. It possesses good heat conduction and adhesion towards electronic components. It can be cured to a higher hardness elastomer, leads to firmly attached to substrates resulting lower down thermal impedance. Thus, heat transfer among heat source, heat-sink, motherboard, metal casing will become effective. TIS™580-13 Series possesses high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation and is ready-to-use. TIS™580-13 Series has excellent adhesion to copper, aluminium, stainless-steel, etc. As this is a dealcoholized system, it will not corrode, especially, metal surfaces.


Good thermal conductivity: 1.3W/mK

》Good maneuverability and good adhesion

》Low shrinkage

》Low viscosity, leads to void-free surface

》Good solvent resistance, water resistance

》Longer working life

Excellent thermal shock resistance

It mainly used in substituting thermally-conductive paste and pads, which currently finds in gap-filling adhesives or heat conduction between LED aluminium motherboard and heat sink, high power electrical module and heat sink. Traditional methods such as fins and screws fixing can be replaced by applying TIS580-13, resulting a more reliable gap-filling thermal conduction, simplified handling and more cost-effective.
E.g. Massive application in integrated circuits in portable computer, microprocessor, high power LED, internal storage module, cache, integrated circuits, DC/AC translator, IGBT and other power modules, encapsulation of semi-conductors, relay switches, rectifiers and transfomers